We assist client both corporate and individual to find the most tax-friendly approach for many types of transactions and industries by applying our extensive knowledge of the prevailing tax regulations and our extensive knowledge as practitioner in the field of taxation. We assess the tax implications of the proposed business structures and provide recommendations of the most tax efficient.

  1. Monthly and Annual Tax Compliance services

We make monthly and annual tax compliance preparation and filing easier for client by providing the necessary tools. We support our client to meet the required standard set by the Tax Authority and guarantee consistency.

  1. Tax Dispute and Dispute Resolution (including tax audit, tax objection, tax appeal and lawsuit, and tax judicial review)

We represent clients to tax auditor by assisting client in gathering, compiling, reviewing and submitting all relevant documents. We interpret any corrections made by the tax auditors and assist client until assessment letter issued.

We also assist client in preparing and lodgment of tax objection letter and represent client at the Tax Office when the client received unfair assessment letter from the Directorate General of Taxes as a result of tax audit. Further to the above, if the objection is rejected by the Directorate General of Taxes and we think the client has a fair position as well as chance of winning, we also represent the client to pursue the case in the Tax Court.

Ultimately, when the client feels that the Tax Court Verdict is not in their favor, we assist client to prepare and lodge a memory of judicial review to the Supreme Court. On the other hand, when the Tax Court Verdict is in client’s favor and the Directorate General of Taxes escalate the case to Supreme Court, we assist client to prepare and lodge a contra memory of judicial review to the Supreme Court.

  1. Tax Refund

In the case of client is in overpayment position of particular taxes, we assist them to get a timely refund. We deal with the Tax Office and work until the assessment letter is issued and refund is made.

  1. Cross-border tax opinions

To find ways in implementing the optimum tax solutions and alternatives for any matters that our client face, we committed to identify the best possible as well as workable tax advice provided to our clients. We always focusing on minimizing client’s tax problems and at the same time maximizing our clients’ tax savings.

  1. Local Tax Advisory

We listen to client’s tax problems and provide our views and interpretations of relevant government tax regulations by providing both verbal and written communications in responding as well as providing workable solutions in every client’s queries on specific tax regulations.

  1. Tax Diagnostic Review

We diagnose check client’s books and records to prepare client’s independent tax reviews to find out whether client has been complied with the prevailing tax regulation. We also provide recommendation and look for ways to maximize tax savings.

  1. Tax Due Diligence

We provide service to prepare company tax reviews based on a diagnostic check of client’s books and records. We review whether tax regulations have been complied with, and assess the amount of tax payable exposure that has been captured and potential exposure that may be captured by the Indonesian Tax Authority.

  1. Tax Ruling and Tax Facilities Applications

In interpreting tax regulation, there is no absolute black or absolute white. In regard to this matter, we assist client to apply tax ruling to the authority which shall be a tool to confirm whether a tax treatment has been in compliance with the prevailing regulation. In addition, we also assist client to assess whether client shall eligible to apply tax facility also for the application of tax facility itself.

  1. Tax Training

We provide a tax training to empower client’s on how the tax system works. We also provide regular tax update to client on the current tax regulation and tax issues to meet client’s needs and expectations.